Kid's room is one room in the house with cheerful and playful design as the kids personality. For easier, just combine the bright colors and put some decorations with cartoon character or use attractive wallpaper. The following are some inspirations in decorating kid's room for boys and girl. Each kid's room decoration comes with different style and design.

  • Yellow color is gender neutral shade, so can used as a boy room or girl room. Yellow kid's bedroom contains of yellow wall cabinet, grey cupboard with yellow touch on it door, cozy bed with yellow pillows, geometric shape rug, yellow desk and white work chair.
  • Purple and pink usualy likes by girls. This bedroom includes of sweet pink white single bed, circle rug, white bookshelves with purple storage, white and purple desk, beautiful pendant lamps, butterflies and majestic decal.
  • Girls bedroom with fresh, fun and interesting decoration. This fresh scheme escapes the typically girly colors and instead replaces them with fresh tones of apple green, lemon yellow and aqua blue, with just the tiniest nod to the pink tradition.
  • Girls bedroom with butterfly theme. The wall in cream color for background the butterfly decal. This room is colorful, includes of light blue curtains, white and pink cabinets, cozy single bed with colorful bed cover, cream and blue pendant lamps, brown sofa, white desk with work chair, blue sofa and rug in combination of grey, brown and blue color.
  • Modern white kids room with a lot of beautiful details. These cute candy sprinkles of color appear vibrant against the crisp white walls of this non age specific scheme. As the walls are kept blank, with only the duvet cover, accent cushions and wall art to make the statement, this is a room design that could continually evolve with your child as they grow, thus eliminating the need for costly and time consuming redecoration. There is just one small alcove of color peeking beyond the bookcase, but this sunshine shade would appeal to toddlers and teens alike.

The other design is kids room with grey, white and soft green color, modern kid's room with neutral color, and the touch of blue and white in the kid's bedroom.