Badger Mountain House, The Elegant Modern Residence Fulfill With All The Needs Of A Large Family Even By Insert Some Urban Style To A Rustic Setting Designed By First Lamp Architecture

Welcome to Badger Mountain House, the elegant modern residence with the primary goal of fulfilling the needs of a large family, even bringing some urbane style to a rustic setting. This mountain house nestled at the foot of the imposing of Badger mountain and overlooking the beautiful Columbia River. Badger Mountain House was designed by First Lamp Architecture. With clean and well defined design and a plush decor, the house tries to blend in with the beautiful countryside.

Badger Mountain House has a unique and understated style exterior with clean lines and a semi-minimalist approach, takes from Japanese design ideas. To create an inviniting setting, the architects combining exposed concrete with warm wooden surfaces. This mountain house also completed by private swimming pool with jacuzzi on one side and patio with mountain view on the other side. The next of the patio, there is deck space conecting with the interior.

This mountain house has a warm and welcoming living room contains of soft brown sofa, coffee table and beautiful painting on the wall. The next of living area is dining area. Dining area includes of wooden dining table, six dining chairs and black drum pendant lamps above the dining table. Kitchen of this mountain house comes with modern design contains of wooden kitchen cabinet, modern kitchen equipments, lcd tv mouted on the wall, and kitchen table with bar chairs. The master bedroom has a spacious area, includes of white bedstead with cozy bed in white bed cover, modern wall fireplace, broken white couch, lcd tv, fan, bedside tables with bedside lamps on it, and small tree in white pot. The bathroom located on the next of bedroom, devided by sliding door.

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